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Be Prepared for Your GP Placement

When they enter medical school, most students don’t plan on becoming a GP (nine out of ten according to the BMA). Even if you’re part of that majority, you’re very likely to get experience of general practice through placements, ranging from a few hours to several weeks over the course of your studies.

So what can you expect from your exposure to GP work as an ‘insider’?

Discover the excitement of the unknown

When an unfamiliar patient steps through the door of a GP’s surgery, the doctor has no idea what medical issues they’ll be faced with. For many, this role as the first point of contact between the community and the wider healthcare service makes the job rewarding.

For some, the uncertainty of what’s coming next can be an exciting challenge. Admittedly, for others, the mix of medical issues that are presented can become a little predictable.

As a student on a GP placement, you’re also dealing with an unfamiliar community in, probably, an unfamiliar location. There will be no shortage of unknowns to keep your attention, at least at the start.

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7 Top Tips for Your First Term at Medical School

Well done on getting a place at medical school! You achieved outstanding A-level results and you’ve made it through the tough application and interview process. Now you’re about to embark on the exciting journey to becoming a fully qualified doctor.

Getting through medical school is going to be hard work. The first few weeks could be particularly tough as you get used to a university life so very different from what you’ve known before. Continue reading 7 Top Tips for Your First Term at Medical School

Medical Students Benefit from New Interactive Littmann Stethoscope App

728x90-Littmann-bannerLike so many tools of the trade, your stethoscope is really easy to use but takes practice to master.

Auscultation (listening to internal sounds made by the body) has been medical practice for hundreds, perhaps thousands, of years, but the science advanced rapidly with the invention of the stethoscope in the early nineteenth century.

Now Littmann, pioneers in stethoscope design and use for over 50 years, have launched a unique, interactive learning experience that will benefit a new generation of medical students.

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Graduation Gift Ideas for Medical Students

What do you buy for someone who’s finishing their medical degree this year?

Graduating from medical school is a massive milestone on what can be a ten-year journey from excited fresher to highly respected and experienced medical professional. So what sort of gift will reflect the exhilaration and anticipation of the moment, while being appropriate for the person you’re buying for?

Does that sound like a tough call? To help you decide, we’ve put together a list of graduation gift ideas for the medical student in your life. They’re a mix of practical, fun and the unexpected.

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4 Reasons Why Med Students Should Limit Google Searches and Internet Use

If you were to plot on a pie chart your next home study session and the time you set aside to cram, how much of that time would be spent using Google or other internet search engines? In the age of e-learning, digital submission of work and online research, study books can take somewhat of a back seat, but is this a good way for us to learn? Is it helpful when we have exams?

We give you four valid reasons why medical students should remember that Google is only a gateway, and that the internet can inhibit study as well as enable it. It’s important to step away and find other creative ways to learn medical terminology or cram for exams, so here are some helpful ideas on how to aim for the right balance. Continue reading 4 Reasons Why Med Students Should Limit Google Searches and Internet Use

5 Creative Ways to Quickly Learn Medical Terminology (And Remember It)

learning medical terminology
Learning medical terminology can be a pain, but some techniques can make it much easierMark Hunter / Flickr / CC BY-NC 2.0

Much of medical terminology has unfamiliar sounding Greek and Latin roots, often making them challenging for people to remember.

As a healthcare professional, it’s not uncommon to come across medical terminology which is simply foreign to you. However, to be successful, healthcare students need to be able to read and understand all sorts of medical terms, even if they’re caught off guard in clinical settings and in internships without time to look up the term.

It’s important to prepare ahead of time, and keep the terms you’re learning in your science courses today fresh in your mind tomorrow and for years ahead.

There’s no way around it, if you want to be viewed as competent and intelligent, you must have a strong understanding of medical terminology.

But how do you learn medical terminology easily?

By using different tools and methods of learning and committing to memory the basics of medical terminology, you’ll be able to understand and use the proper terminology in whatever situation you find yourself in. Follow these tips for learning medical terms quickly and easily.

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