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Why Scrubs For Nurses Make The Best Choice

It’s not just nurses who wear scrubs. These simple, lightweight garments have become the uniform of the medical professional, widely recognised by the general public. Many healthcare organisations now encourage scrubs for nurses, and also for entire medical teams including doctors, paramedics, students and more.

Scrubs aren’t just restricted to hospitals. Many of those working in dental practices and veterinary clinics also wear them. For many of us, there’s something reassuring about entering a medical environment and seeing someone in scrubs. Rightly or wrongly, someone dressed in scrubs comes across as a reliable medical professional.

scrubs for nurses

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25 Items Carried by the Well-Equipped Nurse

It’s tough work being a nurse. Long hours on your feet, so many demands on your time and all those individual patient situations tugging at your emotions. Not to mention all that ‘stuff’ you need to carry around all the time.

Yes, the modern nurse needs more than a smart uniform, a watch and a sense of humour. We’ve listed all the items that, according to our research, the twenty-first century nurse should have at, or very near, his or her fingertips.

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9 Tips for Nurses Looking for Comfortable Shoes

You’ve been on your feet for more hours than you’d like to count. Okay, you snatched some precious short breaks but there’s no denying that you’re tired and looking forward to the end of your shift. Thank goodness you’re spared the worst of the weariness and aches, having invested in a decent pair of comfortable shoes.

Taking time to choose the right shoes to wear in your role as a nurse, can make a huge difference to your ability to do your job, your well-being and even your career. Comfortable shoes can reduce the stress on your entire body, protecting your health while you’re focused on protecting the health of others.

Here are our nine tips for nurses looking for comfortable, practical nursing shoes that also look great!

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Top 5 Benefits of Being a Multilingual Nurse

group of multicultural nurses

The ability to read, write, and most importantly, speak, a second language is a skill which is desired in virtually every career. But in healthcare, bilingual and multilingual nurses are a particularly hot commodity.

Obviously, English is the native language of countries like the United Kingdom and the United States, but that doesn’t mean everyone residing is an English speaker. In the UK alone, it’s estimated that more than 8% of the population doesn’t speak English as a primary language. Additionally, more than 138,000 people speak no English at all. And those are only the people who can be counted! When factoring in undocumented immigrants that number can almost double.

Although Polish is the most common language after English, there are still many residents and visitors that speak Punjabi, Urdu, Bengali, Gujarati, Arabic, French, Chinese, Portuguese, sign language, and more.

All of these people will at some point or another need healthcare services. This is where the value of being a bilingual nurse really comes in. Here are a just a few of the many advantages you will have as a nurse that speaks multiple languages: Continue reading Top 5 Benefits of Being a Multilingual Nurse

UK Nurses Need Holistic Solutions for Workplace Stress


Nurses are facing some of their toughest times to date. In recent months the UK nursing industry has been involved in NHS strikes over pay, reports of understaffed wards, and a looming bed crisis.

On a personal level, nurses are working long hours on shift rotation, yet their hard work in the public sector is unrewarded financially and a lack of social support fuels the risk of burnout. These contributing factors lead to increased strain on nurses whose role it is to care for others. Before they can do this, it’s important that nurses take time to care for themselves. Here are our best tips for nurses on coping with and reducing stress. Continue reading UK Nurses Need Holistic Solutions for Workplace Stress

Famous Nurses Who Made It Big Outside Their Medical Careers

Before becoming famous, celebrities often start off working in regular careers and fields. Although not the most common career track, some celebrities started out as nurses before finding their fame in music, radio, TV and print. Here are a few famous people who you probably didn’t know spent time in nursing before making it big.

#1 Bonnie Hunt

Bonnie Hunt has done quite a bit in her time in Hollywood – from film and TV acting, to writing and directing. In addition to her Hollywood fame though, you can add Oncology Nursing to her resume. Prior to debuting in our list of famous nurses, Bonnie was working with cancer patients at Northwestern Memorial Hospital in Chicago. Later went on to become famous as the lead in the Bonnie Hunt Show and as the voice of Sally in Pixar’s Cars franchise. Continue reading Famous Nurses Who Made It Big Outside Their Medical Careers