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All New Ear Irrigator From ProPulse® – The Brand That Listens

All New Ear Irrigator From ProPulse® – The Brand That Listens

We’re incredibly proud of our relationships with our suppliers. By working closely together we can improve our offers, run great giveaways and give our customers all they need to make an informed choice of product.

But one of our suppliers has gone above and beyond in their approach to building relationships, not just with distributors, but with the end-users themselves.

Mirage, who produce ProPulse® Ear Irrigators have just released their newest model based on feedback from clinicians who use the device. The old unit was plagued by issues caused by the rechargeable battery and LCD screen, both of which have been replaced in the new unit.

Why Does It Matter?

The ProPulse ear irrigator is used to remove wax from inside the ear. To do this it uses a directed jet of water, which breaks up the wax. To use the device safely requires a high level of skill but also control over the strength of the jet which, in turn, means the device must be reliable and well-made.

By refining and improving the design and manufacturing of the device, using feedback from the people actually using it, Mirage have been able make massive improvements to the reliability and functionality of the ProPulse®.

Staying Connected

After 25 years in the ear care industry, Mirage have kept their connection with their users. In an industry where there is little effective competition, maintaining this is an admirable feat and we look forward to seeing what innovations they introduce next.

Mirage are always listening to what their users have to say about their products. One comment that came up time and again from users was that they loved the two-dial operation from the old ProPulse NG. They heard this and the new unit now features the two dials.

propulse dials

100% British-Based

All ProPulse® products are tested and assembled in the UK in Welwyn Garden City. By keeping these processes in-house, Mirage are able to tweak processes and make improvements to meet user needs. So, when you buy a ProPulse®, not only are you getting a reliable, powerful product, you’re also supporting British industry.

New Product – Lower Price?

Despite being the most reliable ProPulse® ever made, the new model is costs considerably less than the old model. At just £156 (at the time of writing), the ProPulse Ear Irrigator is £43 cheaper and won’t cost the Earth to maintain. Consumables remain the same as for the older models, so if you’re upgrading, you won’t have to replace your stock.

Thinking of Upgrading?

If you’re thinking of upgrading or replacing your old unit, we highly recommend the new ProPulse Ear Irrigator. You can purchase the unit on our website with either 10 or 100 QrX tips included. Even better, shipping is completely free for both options!

propulse ear irrigator 2017 with 10 qrx tips

ProPulse® Ear Irrigator 2017 (incl. 10 QrX® Tips)


Powerful, easy-to-use and incredibly reliable, the new 2017-model ProPulse Ear Irrigator is designed to save time and money on routine irrigation proceedures.

Buy It Here

propulse ear irrigator 2017 with 100 qrx tips

ProPulse® Ear Irrigator 2017 (incl. 100 QrX® Tips)


Still have consumables from the ProPulse NG or G5? There’s no need to replace them to work with the new unit, they’re already compatible!

Buy It Here

Collecting Antique and Vintage Medical Equipment

The Medisave team gets to see lots of cool, shiny and cutting-edge medical equipment every week. But we’re also fascinated by the gear doctors and surgeons worked with in the past.

Generations of medics carried out life-saving procedures with tools that now look better suited to a garden shed, and the implements that still survive give us fascinating insights into how modern techniques developed.

Lots of people, many of them practising or retired doctors, collect these relics of bygone medicine. They can make fascinating, if sometimes macabre, talking points while some are intriguing decorative objects.

How to find antique medical equipment

Continue reading Collecting Antique and Vintage Medical Equipment

Lighting in the Medical Field. Get the Best Out of Your Equipment.

Of all the things doctors, office managers, and their employees have to consider when it comes to running an efficient medical clinic, lighting is certainly not the first thing that comes to mind. But proper lighting both in the office and the operating room can make a huge difference. It affects everything from the mood of your patients and staff to your success on the operating table.

This is because light has a profound effect on people – visually, biologically, and emotionally. Proper lighting even reduces costs and pollution. But while this importance has always been there, with the 2013 EU ban on Halogen lights many hospitals and clinics are currently asking themselves what their options are going forward. For these reasons, it’s crucial to understand how to choose the right lighting solutions. Continue reading Lighting in the Medical Field. Get the Best Out of Your Equipment.

5 Must-Have Veterinary Instruments

Being a veterinarian, your career is highly specialized and requires very specific equipment and veterinary instruments. Just as with any medical professional, there are certain “must-have” tools you need to be able to run an efficient and effective veterinary office.

Here’s a look at the five essential veterinary instruments that will keep your patient’s tails wagging.

Portable Ultrasound Scanner

If your practice has you making house calls, especially to rural patients, a portable veterinary ultrasound scanner is a tool you can’t function without. By giving you real time results of an animal’s condition it allows you to make quicker, more sound judgments on treatment options even when you may be far away from a full service clinic. This tool is especially crucial for vets during breeding seasons as it makes it far simpler to check up on gestating animals. Continue reading 5 Must-Have Veterinary Instruments

6 Tips to Find the Best Medical Equipment Online

By getting equipment online you can save money and even get better products

By getting equipment online you can save money and even get better products


In this day and age, you can buy anything online. It’s convenient, easy, and fast.

For medical clinics and physician’s offices, buying medical equipment online can be a huge timesaver and can make your life at work so much easier. It used to be that the only way to purchase or lease medical equipment was through speciality equipment dealers. This required time consuming visits to dealers and suppliers, as well as laborious negotiations.

Those days are (for the most part) gone. Now, equipment managers can research products, review prices, and place orders online within an hour, and have all the necessary equipment shipped directly to their offices. Continue reading 6 Tips to Find the Best Medical Equipment Online

New Littmann Colours

Medisave is excited to share that we have increased our Littmann Stethoscope range EVEN FURTHER. Our 3M Littmann Cardiology III is now available in Ceil Blue and Coral Pink!


                    Ceil Blue                  Coral Pink

The Cardiology III has exceptional versatility and outstanding sound quality. With its superior construction, double-sided, three function chestpiece and 3M’s ‘ Tunable Technology’, this stethoscope is a key diagnostic aid in the physical assessment of both adult and paediatric patients. 

Let your Littmann Stethoscope compliment your personal style by choosing from the wide range of colours we have on offer. Why not personalise your scope even further and take advantage of our laser engraving service?


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