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Be Prepared for Your GP Placement

When they enter medical school, most students don’t plan on becoming a GP (nine out of ten according to the BMA). Even if you’re part of that majority, you’re very likely to get experience of general practice through placements, ranging from a few hours to several weeks over the course of your studies.

So what can you expect from your exposure to GP work as an ‘insider’?

Discover the excitement of the unknown

When an unfamiliar patient steps through the door of a GP’s surgery, the doctor has no idea what medical issues they’ll be faced with. For many, this role as the first point of contact between the community and the wider healthcare service makes the job rewarding.

For some, the uncertainty of what’s coming next can be an exciting challenge. Admittedly, for others, the mix of medical issues that are presented can become a little predictable.

As a student on a GP placement, you’re also dealing with an unfamiliar community in, probably, an unfamiliar location. There will be no shortage of unknowns to keep your attention, at least at the start.

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