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Reward Yourself for Buying Medical Equipment

When you’re buying medical equipment online from us, enjoy the bonus of the Medisave loyalty programme, which lets you earn free gifts.

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The Story of the Stethoscope

It’s two hundred years since French physician René Laennec, in a flash of inspiration, invented and named the stethoscope. He started with a roll of paper and quickly progressed to a hollow wooden tube about 30cms long. Laennec specialised in treating the scourge of nineteenth century cities – tuberculosis – and found his new idea to be invaluable.

While not all were convinced that his invention was of much value, medical professionals from across Europe climbed onto their horse or into a carriage and travelled to Paris to learn about his ideas. Over the next thirty years, Laennec’s innovation, the monoaural (having a single earpiece) tubular stethoscope became a feature of many a doctor’s bag.

Laennec stethoscope

The stethoscope continues to evolve

While it was a huge step forward in diagnostic technique, the Laennec stethoscope wasn’t very convenient to use. It required the doctor to lean over their patient, which wasn’t always easy, particularly for physicians with their own mobility issues.

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Announcing the New Cardiology IV Littmann Stethoscope

The new Cardiology IV stethoscope from Littmann sets a new standard for high performance auscultation. It’s now available to buy from Medisave.

Offering superior acoustic performance, this latest model is ideal for medical students, GPs, respiratory specialists, critical care nurses and cardiologists. It’s the product of years of research by the 3M Littmann team that’s been producing world class stethoscopes for nearly five decades.

The Littmann Cardiology IV boasts an entirely redesigned bell with a new, single-piece tuneable diaphragm. This offers high acoustic sensitivity, allowing the user to switch from listening for high frequency sounds to low frequency sounds by adjusting the pressure applied to the chestpiece. In addition to offering superior acoustics, the redesign makes for a smoother, crevice-free surface, making it easier to keep clean.

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