Reward Yourself for Buying Medical Equipment

When you’re buying medical equipment online from us, enjoy the bonus of the Medisave loyalty programme, which lets you earn free gifts.

Our scheme is really simple – for every pound that you spend, you earn a loyalty point. Once you’ve collected at least 200 points, you can start spending them in our loyalty gifts catalogue. These gifts are our way of saying ‘thank you’ for being a great customer.


They’re also a thank you for buying online. It costs us less to process an online order than it does if you order by phone or fax, so we think it’s only fair that we should give you something back for making our lives a little easier. We believe in fairness, which is why we’re a living wage employer.

When you purchase online from us, you’re automatically entered into our loyalty scheme. It doesn’t matter whether you’re buying for health professionals, for a business or if you’re a private customer, such as a student. All our online customers benefit from our loyalty scheme.

How to choose your loyalty gift

We’ve put together a short video that explains how our loyalty programme works. Click here to take a look at it.

loyalty-scheme-tvThere are plenty of gifts to choose from. The rewards available from our loyalty programme range from a Cadbury’s Treasure Box for 200 points through to a 32-inch television for 5,000 points or an iPad Air for 7,000 points.

If you’re responsible for buying medical equipment from us, and you order online, it’s your choice when and what loyalty rewards you order.

You might want to cash in your points every couple of months, getting what you can for the total you’ve reached.

Or you may decide to save up to order one of the bigger rewards. Of course, the faster you spend with us, the faster you’ll amass points that transform into fabulous freebies!

You decide who benefits from our loyalty rewards

If you’re purchasing for your own needs, such as a student buying equipment for your studies, you can keep your rewards for yourself. You might choose to treat yourself to one of our chocolate selections, such as the tasty Green & Black’s miniatures.

When you’re buying for an organisation, such as a medical practice, it’s likely that you’ll have a bigger budget, which gives you access to our larger gifts. You may want to order a waiting room magazine pack for your practice, or the wide screen television that could come in useful somewhere in your building.

loyalty-scheme-giftsThe most popular loyalty rewards are the gift certificates, which come in multiples of £50. These can be exchanged in a variety of shops for goods or services of your choice. You might want to order them as, say, a gift for someone in your organisation, perhaps as part of a retirement or celebration package.

Our experience is that another popular reward choice is the Sonos Play wifi speaker. This can be used either in the home or the workplace.

We want our loyalty scheme to reward you for being a great customer. Of course, we make it a little harder for you to earn loyalty points by keeping our prices low. But with the first gift available at 200 points, it doesn’t take much buying medical equipment online for you to qualify.

So the big question is – when it comes to our loyalty scheme gifts – what will you choose?

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