Picking the Perfect Gift for a Medical Student

Med Student Christmas Gifts

Choosing an appropriate gift for a med student can be hard and should be based on thoughtfulness and consideration. Taking into account individual preferences is also important, as different students emphasize different aspects of life. Some tend toward the materialistic, others prefer intellectual or artistic presents, and still others prefer to collect experiences rather than objects. Ideally, a present should cater to the needs and tastes of the person receiving it rather than express those of the person offering it. Also don’t ignore their passion for medicine and future medical career. So take a look at these tips to finding a perfect gift for the med student in your life!

1. Be Practical: Stethoscopes, Beakers, Mugs, and Pens

Medical Student Gifts

An unconventional lab glassware set in a stylish box can be a classy present for the connoisseur.

If your friend or loved one is someone devoted to serious study and is eagerly looking forward toward a future career, remember that Medisave has top of the line medical supplies to satisfy anyone’s taste and requirements. Should you decide to dress up or equip your friend, you can choose from a number of medical scrubs and uniforms, as well as from medical equipment such as stethoscopes, sphygmomanometers, and diagnostic kits.

You can also always put a twist on traditional equipment such as lab beakers or Erlenmeyer flasks by repurposing them – since the majority of lab glassware is specially made to withstand high temperatures, they’re perfect for serving tea, coffee, or any other hot drink. Lab beakers come in a variety of sizes – from 50 to 1000 ml and more – and can be used as an unconventional set for serving wine or cocktails. For a more practical gift which can be used outside the home, consider a travel mug to put a smile on your friend’s face and keep their caffeine supply at just the right temperature. Even something as simple as a quality pen can prove more welcome in terms of its usefulness, especially if paired with a good notepad.

2. Beat the Stress

Medical Student Gifts: Candles

Bring some light and warmth into your friend’s life with a burning candle

Considering medical students have one of the hardest and most stressful curriculums, a gift to let them unwind and relax is sure to be received well. Do you know what music your friend likes to listen to? Classical, smooth jazz, music for meditation, or nature sounds are all considered good for the soul and conducive to lowering stress levels. A scented candle is another present which would not only contribute to creating a calm and relaxing atmosphere, but is also unlikely to clutter up their home. The same goes for artisan soaps which come in a staggering variety and wide range of prices. Similarly, you could also treat your friend with a gift card to a spa procedure or a yoga session. A ticket to a concert or the theatre might also be a welcome gift if you are more familiar with their personal preferences.

3. Add a Personal Touch

Medical Student Gift Hot Chocolate

A homemade hot chocolate mix is sure to sweeten anyone’s studies

Engraved stethoscope with a witty message or the student’s name and the added bonus that it will be returned if lost. Handmade gifts are all the rage nowadays, even among med students. If you’re crafty, why not make a present yourself? Use your imagination and your skills to create something completely unique and personalized.  It could be a piece of clothing, a knitted Brain hat for instance Another great idea for a hungry student is a homemade mix for hot chocolate, muffins, or cookies. They’re easy to prepare and will keep longer than the end product. On the other hand, you can’t expect anyone to turn down a box of home-baked cookies. What better way to fuel your body with energy after a long shift? If you’re unsure of your abilities or short of time, there are plenty of lovingly crafted items on Etsy to choose from.

Artisan chocolates, quality wine, or fancy tea of course remain the classic gifts for a busy medical student who misses the finer things in life. Make sure to add a little personal touch by including a handwritten card or a handmade ornament to add warmth to your present. Also, don’t forget that when it comes to edible gifts knowing whether the recipient has any allergies is imperative. Of course with the high cost of med school in the UK you don’t always have money to spend, so remember that even a small gift – just a card with a personal message or a meaningful quote, a single flower accompanied with a warm hug – can still be an expression of your best wishes and show your medical student friend that you really care.

How do you choose gifts for your friends? Have we been able to give you some new ideas for future occasions? Share with us in the comments below.

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