4 Reasons Why Med Students Should Limit Google Searches and Internet Use

If you were to plot on a pie chart your next home study session and the time you set aside to cram, how much of that time would be spent using Google or other internet search engines? In the age of e-learning, digital submission of work and online research, study books can take somewhat of a back seat, but is this a good way for us to learn? Is it helpful when we have exams?

We give you four valid reasons why medical students should remember that Google is only a gateway, and that the internet can inhibit study as well as enable it. It’s important to step away and find other creative ways to learn medical terminology or cram for exams, so here are some helpful ideas on how to aim for the right balance. Continue reading 4 Reasons Why Med Students Should Limit Google Searches and Internet Use

Picking the Perfect Gift for a Medical Student

Med Student Christmas Gifts

Choosing an appropriate gift for a med student can be hard and should be based on thoughtfulness and consideration. Taking into account individual preferences is also important, as different students emphasize different aspects of life. Some tend toward the materialistic, others prefer intellectual or artistic presents, and still others prefer to collect experiences rather than objects. Ideally, a present should cater to the needs and tastes of the person receiving it rather than express those of the person offering it. Also don’t ignore their passion for medicine and future medical career. So take a look at these tips to finding a perfect gift for the med student in your life! Continue reading Picking the Perfect Gift for a Medical Student

5 Must-Have Veterinary Instruments

Being a veterinarian, your career is highly specialized and requires very specific equipment and veterinary instruments. Just as with any medical professional, there are certain “must-have” tools you need to be able to run an efficient and effective veterinary office.

Here’s a look at the five essential veterinary instruments that will keep your patient’s tails wagging.

Portable Ultrasound Scanner

If your practice has you making house calls, especially to rural patients, a portable veterinary ultrasound scanner is a tool you can’t function without. By giving you real time results of an animal’s condition it allows you to make quicker, more sound judgments on treatment options even when you may be far away from a full service clinic. This tool is especially crucial for vets during breeding seasons as it makes it far simpler to check up on gestating animals. Continue reading 5 Must-Have Veterinary Instruments

The Small Claims Court & Costs.

gavelMedisave was recently involved in a legal dispute with A & R TRADING ESTATE LIMITED. A & R were our Landlords at our old commercial unit at Unit A Littlesea Industrial Estate, 83 Lynch Lane, Weymouth, Dorset. DT4 9DN. The dispute revolved around whether an agreement was reached to pay legal fees pursuant to an agreement. The matter went to the small claims court and their claim was dismissed in our favour. We were also award costs (even though it was the small claims court) as the Judge considered that the Claimant had acted unreasonably by refusing mediation. Continue reading The Small Claims Court & Costs.

Practice Managers: How to Optimize Office Expenses

For medical and physician practice managers, efficient use of your budget is a primary part of your job. Oftentimes you may find that you have to get creative to cut expenses, stretch resources, and maintain the effectiveness of the practice to satisfy patients.

An efficient purchasing process is a good first step to controlling your expenses. In virtually all practices the front office staff use the majority of office supplies. This includes printer paper, envelopes, ink, and more. These items, while seemingly small individually, can quickly add up if they’re not properly accounted for. That’s why you must set up systems to address their costs and optimize their usage. Here are a few tips on how to manage these kinds of office expenses and keep them under control. Continue reading Practice Managers: How to Optimize Office Expenses

Famous Nurses Who Made It Big Outside Their Medical Careers

Before becoming famous, celebrities often start off working in regular careers and fields. Although not the most common career track, some celebrities started out as nurses before finding their fame in music, radio, TV and print. Here are a few famous people who you probably didn’t know spent time in nursing before making it big.

#1 Bonnie Hunt

Bonnie Hunt has done quite a bit in her time in Hollywood – from film and TV acting, to writing and directing. In addition to her Hollywood fame though, you can add Oncology Nursing to her resume. Prior to debuting in our list of famous nurses, Bonnie was working with cancer patients at Northwestern Memorial Hospital in Chicago. Later went on to become famous as the lead in the Bonnie Hunt Show and as the voice of Sally in Pixar’s Cars franchise. Continue reading Famous Nurses Who Made It Big Outside Their Medical Careers

6 Tips to Find the Best Medical Equipment Online

By getting equipment online you can save money and even get better products

By getting equipment online you can save money and even get better products


In this day and age, you can buy anything online. It’s convenient, easy, and fast.

For medical clinics and physician’s offices, buying medical equipment online can be a huge timesaver and can make your life at work so much easier. It used to be that the only way to purchase or lease medical equipment was through speciality equipment dealers. This required time consuming visits to dealers and suppliers, as well as laborious negotiations.

Those days are (for the most part) gone. Now, equipment managers can research products, review prices, and place orders online within an hour, and have all the necessary equipment shipped directly to their offices. Continue reading 6 Tips to Find the Best Medical Equipment Online

5 Creative Ways to Quickly Learn Medical Terminology (And Remember It)

learning medical terminology
Learning medical terminology can be a pain, but some techniques can make it much easierMark Hunter / Flickr / CC BY-NC 2.0

Much of medical terminology has unfamiliar sounding Greek and Latin roots, often making them challenging for people to remember.

As a healthcare professional, it’s not uncommon to come across medical terminology which is simply foreign to you. However, to be successful, healthcare students need to be able to read and understand all sorts of medical terms, even if they’re caught off guard in clinical settings and in internships without time to look up the term.

It’s important to prepare ahead of time, and keep the terms you’re learning in your science courses today fresh in your mind tomorrow and for years ahead.

There’s no way around it, if you want to be viewed as competent and intelligent, you must have a strong understanding of medical terminology.

But how do you learn medical terminology easily?

By using different tools and methods of learning and committing to memory the basics of medical terminology, you’ll be able to understand and use the proper terminology in whatever situation you find yourself in. Follow these tips for learning medical terms quickly and easily.

Continue reading 5 Creative Ways to Quickly Learn Medical Terminology (And Remember It)

4 Time Management Tips For Busy Medical Practice Managers (+A Bonus Tip)

Tackle that to-do list with these time management tips
Tackle that to-do list with these time management tipsStacy Spensley / Flickr / CC BY 2.0

Last Updated: 21st July 2017: Practice managers are coming under increased pressure to economise and this has lead to even more demands on your time. In light of this, we have updated and improved our time management tips with extra information and a bonus tip.

As the manager of a medical practice, patients might not always see you, or even know you’re there. But, you’re the secret ingredient that makes their experience a positive one, by overseeing bills and finances, scheduling appointments and treatments, and ensuring the doctors and nurses have everything they need.

A good practice manager is essential to every clinic’s success. You’re the one who can see the big picture and juggle everyone’s busy schedules. But with so much to keep track of, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the seemingly endless responsibilities of your job. Here are a few of our favorite time-management tips, so you can stay on top of your clinic’s nuts and bolts with a smile.

Continue reading 4 Time Management Tips For Busy Medical Practice Managers (+A Bonus Tip)

ACC 2013 San Francisco

9th – 11th March 2013 saw the Medisave USA team attend the ACC13 in San Francisco’s Moscone Center in conjunction with 3M Littmann. Focussing on the transformation of cardiovascular care – from discovery to delivery, thousands of delegates attended the session learning about the latest developments in cardiology while combining the sunny atmosphere of the west coast city famed for its Golden Gate Bridge and infamous penitentiary Alcatraz.


UK colleagues joined the USA team and together with representatives from 3M Littmann from as far as China, UK, and Australia liaised with thousands of delegates from across the globe to advise the advantages of buying a Littmann stethoscope. With the added benefit of personalisation on the spot, the stand was surrounded by cardiology specialists fascinated to view their new stethoscope being engraved with our latest engraving technology.


The usual buzz surrounded the electronic models – particularly the Littmann 3200 with its 12 track recording facility. And of course, the colour tubing and new finishes on Cardiology models caused inevitable curiosity. With smoke finishes, brass, and rainbow editions, queues bordered the stand eager to obtain their latest Littmann.


All in all a great success for the team, and 3M Littmann working in unison to promote the professionals choice in stethoscope. Check out the photos below!