New Medical Emojis! 🙌

That’s right, you read that correctly – we’re getting a stethoscope emoji! Thanks to Melissa (NHS Blood and Transplant) & Jennifer (Emojination) who have spent over a year creating a proposal for the Stethoscope Emoji to be finally added to our devices.

The proposal was accepted by Unicode in February and has a planned release of the 5th March 2019. The proposal included concept art, history of the stethoscope & evidence of the high demand by health workers worldwide.

Just a few of the examples given in the proposal

Melissa Thermidor is the Social Media Lead at NHS Blood and Transplant (Check out their Twitter @givebloodnhs) and a New Yorker who now lives in London.  She’s passionate about using social media to save and improve lives.

The first draft image of the Stethoscope emoji was submitted on the PDF unicode proposal. You can read the full proposal here.

Image by Aphelandra Messer.

However the actual emoji has been adjusted to the following:

New stethoscope emoji.

So keep an eye out for the stethoscope in your emoji section. .. but wait, there’s more! Along with the stethoscope, an adhesive bandage and even a drop of blood has been added – a truly successful day for Melissa, Jennifer and health care professionals world wide!

Which of these emoji’s are you most excited for?

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