How Medisave Gives Back to a Great Cause

Here at Medisave, we are great believers in the idea of Corporate Social Responsibility. Put simply, this means we think that, as a successful company, we have a moral obligation to give something back to the global community of which we are a part.

Since 2007 we’ve had the privilege of supporting The Butterfly Tree, a UK charity working with communities in Zambia suffering from HIV, malaria and poverty. The charity provides funds to construct bore holes, improve health and education facilities, create feeding programmes so that children can eat when they’re at school and provide malaria and HIV prevention.


As of 2015, there are around 1.2 MILLION orphans in Zambia, a country with a population of only 15 ½ million and, of those 1.2 million, an estimated 170,000 are infected with HIV. The Butterfly Tree supports these children by running programmes to build and fund schools and help them grow food to make sure that these vulnerable children have enough to eat when they are at school and have the best possible start in life.

Medisave supports The Butterfly Tree by providing stocks of medical supplies such as bandages and stethoscopes, helping remote clinics in Zambia provide care to their communities.

Unfortunately, this year we were unable to provide this stock due to prohibitive shipping fees, so we were looking for a new way to support the charity. Early in 2016 we were contacted by Jane, the charity’s founder, about a new initiative they had been running, supported by the UK and Zambian governments, to combat malaria using an insecticide coating which lasts around four times as long as the current “residual spraying” method, as well as being far less damaging to health and the environment. We immediately wanted to help, so we donated a sum of money to help buy and distribute the coating.

Thanks to the amazing work being done by The Butterfly Tree, communities that once had high numbers of malaria cases are now recording almost no new cases of the disease.

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