Medisave Apprenticeship Completed in Record Time

It’s taken Tim Fawkes just 13 months to complete his apprenticeship at Medisave. Now he’s working as a fully-fledged member of our digital media team, based in Weymouth. Well done Tim!


No need to bother with university

By the time he left school in 2014, Tim had decided not to follow the path to university that so many of his contemporaries were taking. He’d also decided that his future lay in digital technologies and he started that career with a role in a mobile communications company.

Unfortunately, Tim soon realised that this wasn’t what he wanted to do and within a couple of months Tim was looking for a new start. Someone suggested that he visit a local apprenticeship fair and just two weeks later, Tim joined Medisave as a Business Administration Apprentice.

Learning the business from the ground up

Tim’s first role at Medisave was as part of the customer service team, handling queries from people buying medical equipment through the online store.

“It was a great way to learn about the company and its customers,” said Tim. Dealing with phone calls, emails and website live chat quickly gave him an understanding of what customers wanted from Medisave and of what the business could do for them.

Pocketing that experience of working with customers, Tim moved on to spend a couple of weeks in the warehouse. Here he experienced the other side of the business, helping with deliveries of stock items such as stethoscopes and diagnostic kits, and then picking and packing orders.

His next stop was the media team, which manages Medisave’s digital communications. Here he got involved with Google Adwords and creating other online promotions. “This was ideal for me,” said Tim, “as it mixed creativity with statistical analysis, something I love to do.”

So ideal, in fact, that Tim hasn’t moved on from the media team!


Enjoying the apprentice life

Entering Medisave as an apprentice gave Tim the opportunity to sample different areas of the business. He’s now a long way from the almost-school leaver who joined in 2014 with a limited understanding of the workplace.

The months at Medisave have given Tim a wide range of experiences and allowed the development of a variety of skills. He now has two Google AdWords certifications and is looking to acquire other similar accreditations.

He’s had opportunities to develop Medisave’s system of 360 degree product photography, worked with a number of external specialists, and been along to medical student events run in conjunction with the BMA.

He’s no longer an apprentice, but Tim continues to enjoy a mix of tasks and challenges in his role. He provides occasional technical support to other sections of the business and has played a key role in developing the new Medisave online broadcasts of product demonstrations and training.

“I may have dropped the apprentice title, but I don’t want to stop learning,” said Tim.

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