Close-Up on Digital Media Apprentice Tom Drummond

Digital Media apprentice Tom Drummond joined the Medisave team at the end of October 2015. MD Graham Wright quickly established that Tom’s skills would be ideally used in the creation of product videos and extending our product photo portfolio.

tom appretice photos turntable

This involves using our state-of-the-art 360º turntable – a device that enables us to take several photos of a product which are then edited together to form a seamless rotating image, so the customer gets a full view of the product they’re about to purchase. Tom imports these into Photoshop for editing and then uploads them to the website for each product. To date, Tom has made these 360º images for over 550 of our products! This has huge advantages for the Medisave website with conversion rates much higher since the introduction of 360º product representation on products which have been featured.

A short while ago we learned of Tom’s video-editing skills and decided to put these to use too, in the form of creating product videos for our dedicated YouTube channel. He uses his existing product photography and combines this with video editing software to create dynamic and informative short videos for some of our most important products.

The recent assembly of our purpose-built mock GP surgery means we can record our own professional content here in the near future. Tom will be in charge of all new videos filmed here, and will personally handle all parts of the operation – from filming to editing to final-cut uploading!

apprentice tom with the camera tripod

We certainly couldn’t do all of these things so thoroughly without Tom’s dedication and can-do attitude – he never backs down from a challenge and we really value him and his skills!

Update: Tom is still with us after finishing his apprenticeship and is now a fully fledged  and vital member of the Media team! Tom has expanded his knowledge of creative software and hardware to produce even more quality content (and he’s still working hard on those 360º images!)

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