Graduation Gift Ideas for Medical Students

What do you buy for someone who’s finishing their medical degree this year?

Graduating from medical school is a massive milestone on what can be a ten-year journey from excited fresher to highly respected and experienced medical professional. So what sort of gift will reflect the exhilaration and anticipation of the moment, while being appropriate for the person you’re buying for?

Does that sound like a tough call? To help you decide, we’ve put together a list of graduation gift ideas for the medical student in your life. They’re a mix of practical, fun and the unexpected.

  1. Personalised stethoscope engraved with their name

Nothing says ‘doctor’ like a stethoscope, invented by a Frenchman to protect the modesty of his female patients—he didn’t like putting his ear to their chest. Now the symbol of the medical professional, it’s one of the most common gifts for the newly qualified.

YourNameHereStethBut it’s also the most commonly lost, because in a busy hospital or medical centre, stethoscopes are easily misplaced. Engraving the graduate’s name on their stethoscope not only makes it more personal, it also cuts the chances of someone else walking off with it by mistake.

We are one of the very few companies offering a stethoscope engraving service, and it is hugely popular. Have we just solved your gift problem?


  1. Call bag marked with their initials

Sticking with the practical, medical theme, an alternative option is the traditional doctor’s call bag. Whether they’re planning to be a GP or a consultant, every medical graduate is going to need a bag to carry around their personal equipment.

Choosing the ideal bag isn’t going to be easy. The needs of a rural GP will be very different to an urban doctor. They’ll have different specialities and different preferences. For some, the traditional black leather call bag embossed with their initials will be the symbol they treasure throughout their career, while others will want a more contemporary product.

So if you do decide that a call bag is a good gift choice, perhaps the more traditional is the best approach, because it’ll also make a clear statement of profession.

  1. A smart watch

Another very practical, yet also very contemporary, gift idea is a smart watch. Some medics can’t resist the shiny screen and buttons of a new gadget, and they’ll love the potential of an internet-enabled device worn on their wrist.

A smart watch crosses the boundary between the serious, professional world of the qualified medic and their personal life, with its interests outside of the workplace. A smart watch can appeal to both—it’s more than an attractive timekeeper, it’s also a communication device.

Because they don’t come cheap, giving the gift of a smart watch also makes a statement about the value of graduation from medical school.

  1. Something for her or for him

All those years of medical training have demanded long hours of study and hands-on, practical experience. How about a graduation gift that’s for the person, not their chosen career? A gift that enables taking time out of what can be a gruelling workplace environment, such as an opportunity to recharge their batteries or simply indulge themselves and perhaps get to spend some time with their partner.

There are plenty of alternatives—a spa day, a luxury outing, an extreme activity such as skydiving, or simply the chance to enjoy a relaxing meal at a top restaurant. Depending on your budget, you could stretch the gift into a mini-break or even longer. After all, being a medical graduate means they’ve spent years sweating to pass exams and earn their credentials.

  1. A gift with humour

Becoming a doctor may be a very serious business, but getting through to graduation requires a sense of humour. Perhaps you want to buy a graduation gift that shares a joke or two. It could be a mug, a badge or a tee-shirt with a witty slogan—there’s no shortage available, ranging from jokes that anyone can appreciate to humour that’s you probably need a medical degree to understand.

Light-hearted gifts can be easy on the budget although you may want to take care that they don’t offend. What’s funny to you may not be so amusing when the joke is unwrapped in front of the recipient’s family and friends!

Whatever gift you choose for a medical student, be sure it’s one that you enjoy giving.


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