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We don’t want you to waste time looking for the medical products you need, and we certainly don’t want you to waste money buying the wrong item.

That’s one of the reasons why we introduced 24/7 Live Chat on our website last year. By giving quick answers to your questions, we’re making it easier for you to buy what you want and need.

To help you further, we’re now introducing #askMedisave online broadcasts, using the latest streaming technologies. You can now hear from, and ask questions of, our product experts as they talk about and demonstrate some of the medical equipment we supply.

#askMedisave on Periscope

The #askMedisave broadcasts use the Periscope app, which is part of Twitter. Periscope allows us to talk to you and demonstrate our products in an excitingly interactive way.

When you join a Periscope broadcast (generally referred to as a ‘scope’) you not only see and hear the presentation, you can also ask questions and give feedback.

This interactive element makes a scope more than just a one-way presentation – it means you can ask the questions you want. You also benefit from the questions being asked by others, and, of course, from the answers provided by our experts.

#askMedisave on YouTube

We’ll also be streaming the #askMedisave broadcast live through the Medisave YouTube channel.

#askMedisave FAQ

How do I watch an #askMedisave Periscope broadcast?

Download and install the Periscope app for your mobile device and open a Periscope account. Periscope is part of Twitter, so it’s really easy to set up Periscope if you have the Twitter app running on your device.

If you miss the #askMedisave broadcast, you can watch it on replay for up to 24 hours afterwards.

How do I watch an #askMedisave YouTube broadcast?

Go to our YouTube channel and if a broadcast is scheduled or live, you’ll see it displayed.

How do I know when the #askMedisave broadcasts are taking place?

Watch out for tweets or Facebook posts telling you about upcoming #askMedisave broadcasts or check the schedule at the end of this article. Bookmark this page so you can find it again.

Does it cost anything to join in with #askMedisave?

There is no charge. The Periscope app is entirely free and there is no charge to join in with our broadcasts there or on YouTube. However, there may be a cost for the data downloaded during the broadcast, depending on the data plan for your device.

How do I ask a question during #askMedisave?

In Periscope, just type in your question during the broadcast and it will be displayed on the screens of everyone taking part. If we miss it, please ask it again.

Can I ask a question in advance of an #askMedisave broadcast?

Yes, you can. Just tweet the question, using the #askMedisave hashtag.

Can I join in #askMedisave from my computer?

Unfortunately the Periscope app only works on mobile devices. This is entirely beyond our control.

You can join in from your laptop or desktop by watching the YouTube broadcast.

What happens if I miss a #askMedisave broadcast?

Don’t worry – you can watch it on replay, through the Periscope, app, for up to 24 hours after the broadcast. To avoid missing further broadcasts, sign up to our mailing list or follow us on Twitter or Periscope.

#askMedisave broadcast schedule

Tuesday 19 January 2pm – Introducing Littmann stethoscopesclick here for YouTube and also on Periscope.


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