Combat Counterfeits with the Authorized Littmann Stethoscope Distributor Programme

Counterfeit stethoscopes may compromise clinical diagnosis warns global manufacturer 3M. An extended distributor registration programme across West Europe guarantees the validity of your Littmann stethoscope purchase.

Recently featured on the BBC’s Fake Britain programme (Series 7, Episode 10), the trade in fake stethoscopes is putting lives at risk and may impact on the diagnosis of potentially life-threatening conditions.

As a medical professional, you need your tools of the trade to perform to the highest standards – and that’s why you choose a Littmann brand stethoscope from 3M, synonymous with acoustic excellence. But do you take the same care about where you purchase your Littmann stethoscope from?

A convincing counterfeit stethoscope with a fake serial number.
A convincing counterfeit stethoscope with a fake serial number.

The Internet abounds with auction sites offering Littmann stethoscopes at bargain prices – often at 30 to 40 per cent lower than the recommended retail price.  The seller may also advertise high volumes of available stock.  But whilst everybody likes a bargain, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.  Some offerings may also get close to the retail price and further fool you into thinking you are getting a genuine product.

Fake stethoscopes are becoming more sophisticated and closer in appearance to the genuine article. To other than an expert eye, the stethoscope will likely look real, with a branded box, current colour of tubing, Littmann chestpiece logo, soft-sealing ear tips and product information leaflet. It may also carry a lot number, serial number and fake CE mark as well. But what about its performance?

“Counterfeit stethoscopes may not provide the same outstanding acoustic quality and range of a genuine Littmann brand product,” says Jonathan Neachell, 3M West Europe business manager. “This could compromise your clinical diagnosis of a patient by being unable to hear the full spectrum of body sounds and at the right volume. Counterfeit stethoscopes may also be made with substandard materials or lack key features of a genuine Littmann stethoscope,” he adds.

Always purchase your Littmann stethoscope from a site that bears this logo.

So how do you ensure that your Littmann stethoscope is genuine? By always purchasing from a business site that carries the ‘Authorized 3M Littmann Stethoscope Distributor’ logo. Now extended to 3M-appointed distributors across West Europe, the logo represents your assurance that you are buying a product that reflects many years of investment in auscultation innovation by 3M.

Combat counterfeits – always buy with confidence from an ‘Authorized 3M Littmann Stethoscope Distributor’. For further information, please visit

4 thoughts on “Combat Counterfeits with the Authorized Littmann Stethoscope Distributor Programme”

  1. Yes happened to me.
    Bought a classic Ii on eBay for 45 pounds. Supposedly a UK seller, eventually arrived from Pakistan.
    Looked genuine, compared to colleagues littmann steths, hologram on the box. Fell apart after a year, replaced with genuine one from authorised UK seller, not from eBay.
    Never heard of fake steths until this.

    1. Hi David, we have, unfortunately come across quite a large number of these fake stethoscopes, most of them bought through online auction sites. We would always recommend that you make sure that the seller has the “Authorised Littmann Dealer” logo and, if in doubt, give us a call and we can help identify if it’s the genuine article. -Tim

    1. Hi Leucelle,
      They are made of a man made material not rubber so whilst they do have a certain smell it’s hard to describe. If you are concerned you have a fake stethoscope the best thing to do would be to send us a picture, this is the best email to send that to:

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