Code Happy Scrubs – Introducing The New Range

Code Happy scrubs, our new range of nursing scrubs are the final word in stylish, practical medical workwear. Featuring revolutionary technology to extend the life of the scrubs. They keep you smelling fresh and protect you  from spills and stains.

Here at Medisave, we have been selling to nurses and healthcare professionals for over 15 years. In that time, we have learned how important comfort is to medical professionals, especially when you are working a long shift on a busy ward. At the heart of Code Happy style is the idea that if you are comfortable and feel good in what you wear, it is easier to do your job.

code happy scrubs for nurses

Code Happy Scrubs – Revolutionary Technology To Make Your Life Easier


certainty antimicrobial technology

CERTAINTY™ antibacterial technology is a part of every Code Happy garment. It inhibits the growth of bacteria, yeast and algae, preventing stains and damage to the scrubs.

If you are on your feet for long periods of time in a busy environment, it can be difficult to stay fresh. CERTAINTY™ technology prevents the growth of bacteria that cause bad odours, so you stay sweet-smelling, all day long.


Certainty Plus antimicrobial & fluid resistant technology

Working in a medical environment there is always the danger of fluid spills from patients, cleaning products and cups of tea. Code Happy scrubs with CERTAINTY PLUS™ have liquid-repellent technology as part of the weave of the fabric. Liquids roll off the outside of the scrubs without soaking in or staining the garments or you. This makes cleaning your scrubs much easier.

Normally, repeated washing would mean fabrics slowly lose their fluid-repelling properties but not for CERTAINTY PLUS™. To keep it effective, tumble dry the scrubs on a hot setting. This reactivates the fabric, keeping your Code Happy scrubs in top condition.

As well as being fluid-resistant, scrubs with CERTAINTY PLUS™ technology include the anti-microbial properties of the CERTAINTY™ fabric.

This advanced fabric technology in the Code Happy Range dramatically increases the lifespan of the scrubs. This means you won’t have to replace them for much longer than regular ones so you can save money for some much-deserved treats.

Code Happy Scrubs – Comfort & Style In Perfect Combination

With the pressures of a job in healthcare, uncomfortable workwear can be the difference between a good day and a tough battle through til home-time. The Code Happy range is made from a spandex poplin fabric that is soft on the skin and holds its shape while allowing complete freedom of movement.

Code Happy scrub tops come in men’s and women’s fits in a wide range of styles. Scrub trousers are designed to provide plenty of pocket space, so that you can keep your essential tools close by.

The Ideal Scrubs Range, Whatever Your Needs

Whether you need lots of pocket space, or your workplace has a particular uniform policy, you will be sure to find something that fits the bill with Code Happy scrubs.

Every product in the range comes in a choice of six stunning colours. Black, Ceil Blue, Navy Blue, Pewter, Royal Blue and Wine in sizes Extra Small to Extra Large. With Code Happy, whatever you choose, you will look great and feel fantastic.

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