Announcing the New Cardiology IV Littmann Stethoscope

The new Cardiology IV stethoscope from Littmann sets a new standard for high performance auscultation. It’s now available to buy from Medisave.

Offering superior acoustic performance, this latest model is ideal for medical students, GPs, respiratory specialists, critical care nurses and cardiologists. It’s the product of years of research by the 3M Littmann team that’s been producing world class stethoscopes for nearly five decades.

The Littmann Cardiology IV boasts an entirely redesigned bell with a new, single-piece tuneable diaphragm. This offers high acoustic sensitivity, allowing the user to switch from listening for high frequency sounds to low frequency sounds by adjusting the pressure applied to the chestpiece. In addition to offering superior acoustics, the redesign makes for a smoother, crevice-free surface, making it easier to keep clean.

The Littmann Cardiology III has been the stethoscope of choice for many medical practitioners in recent years. Its successor, the Littmann Cardiology IV, looks set to command even greater respect from medical professionals.


Highlights of the new Littmann Cardiology IV stethoscope

  • Entirely redesigned bell for enhanced acoustic sensitivity.
  • One-piece tuneable diaphragm, making it easier to replace and to clean.
  • Chestpiece orientation indicator, giving an immediate visual cue as to whether its in adult or paediatric setting.
  • Non-chill option for the paediatric setting.
  • Littmann performance rating of 9 out of 10.Available in a wide variety of colours.
  • Latest generation of binaural tubing.
  • 7 year warranty including free repair for any defects in manufacturing or material.

Buy your new stethoscope from us and you can choose to personalise with a laser engraving of your choice.

Win yourself a new Littmann Cardiology IV

We’re giving you the chance to be one of the first medical practitioners to get their hands on this new stethoscope, through a simple draw being run through Facebook. Click here for the details.

Watch out for counterfeit Littmanns

Whatever model of Littmann stethoscope you buy, make sure that you purchase it from a Littmann Authorised Distributor to be certain of receiving a genuine Littmann product.

We have encountered a number of fake Littmann stethoscopes, typically purchased at bargain prices from auction sites. To other than an expert eye, one of these stethoscopes will likely look real, complete with branded box, Littmann chestpiece logo and fake serial number.

Counterfeit stethoscopes may not provide the same outstanding acoustic quality and range of a genuine Littmann brand product and could compromise clinical diagnosis. Click here for more details.